Karen Blue
Photographer, Kansas City, Missouri

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dreamer, adventurer, observer, seeking world wisdom

I grew up in Southern California around the old missions. I moved to the midwest in my 20's and discovered some of the early architecture of the midwest and fell in love with the history of the early westward expansion and details in a style of architecture I had not previously seen. I love the idea of a building being a work of art with a soul and a story to tell. I enjoy capturing images of the details as well as the large scale of significant structures.
St. Louis, Missouri, recycle, recycled, glass, wall, partition, divider, translucent, pattern, indoor, bottles, recycling, repurpose, reuse, renew, pattern, shallow depth of field

Wall made out of recycled glass bottles

By Karen Blue

Bird carving, stone, architectectural element, art deco, corner of building, quoin, grey, feathers, St. Louis, Missouri

Decorative bird from the corner of a building

By Karen Blue

Kansas City, Missouri, Kansas, Missouri River, cityscape, evening, nighttime, color, water, long exposure, blue moon, outdoor, Lewis and Clark, night, wide angle, United States, urban, midwest, Moshe

Lewis and Clark's Kansas City, Missouri

By Karen Blue

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