Leanne Mckie
Photographer, Glasgow, Scotland

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scottish views via a bonnie lass

Amateur photographer from Glasgow, Scotland. I am a keen traveler and has visited many of the architectural delights that Scotland has to offer. Please note the occasional landscape and Scottish wildlife photos. I love being behind the lens and showing the rest of the world the stunning beauty that my country has to offer.

copper coins in wood

By Leanne Mckie

botanical garden

glasgow botanical gardens

By Leanne Mckie

castle , scottish , colour

kelburn castle

By Leanne Mckie

Piano woods forrest scotland

abandoned piano in woods

By Leanne Mckie

stone walkway

st andrews coast line

By Leanne Mckie

Glasgow skyline sunset

Glasgow Skyline

By Leanne Mckie

dumbarton bridge sunset benches

dumbarton bridge

By Leanne Mckie

Warm Light Model Art Gallery

Art gallery in Glasgow

By Leanne Mckie

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