Jobs for photographers

Published 28 Aug, 2018

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Jobs for photographers

There are so many options available for professional photographers these days. We have put together a breakdown of the areas you can go into once you have honed your skills.

Product photographer

All goods and services need high quality images to make them stand out. These type of photographs are normally shot in studios with plain backgrounds so they can be easily manipulated later. There is an endless supply of new products coming onto the market so this is a great area to get into. The only downside is the slighltly dull aspect of the work.

Wedding or event photographer

For only only a day or two of actually taking photographs, you can earn a fair amount from event photography. There is normally a large amount of editing work and liaising with clients involved, but you can work to a system and schedule in your clients so that you are able to get an even flow of customers throughout the year. It's true that after a while, every wedding or event will be the same. However, you will build up a great knowledge of how to handle the occasions well and this can only build your reputation.

Portrait photographer

If you have space in your home, you can create a neat little studio in which to invite clients round. You will make them feel at ease in an environment beautifully set up to cater for all portraits. You can use this set up time and time again with different customers, making this a cost-effective way of earning a living. Families, babies, friends and businesses all want elegant shots to display round their houses and offices.

If you are lucky enough to build a highly rated reputation, you may be able to move into the area of celebrity photography or taking photos of musicians, actors etc.

Press and PR photographer

The world is always changing and moving forward. The news is full of incredible events which need to be captured with images. If you are a creative and pro-active photographer, this is an excellent field to move into. It can be very well paid, but is also very competitive and hard to get into. You need to think on your feet and be ready with the camera always in your hand. An exciting and challenging job.

Stock photographer

You can use the multitude of online stock libraries to build up a portfolio images that can be used for various publications, including websites, magazines and other media outlets. You will need patience and lots of images in order to make a living from this area of photography. However, it is easy to set up and you can have your images online and potentially selling in minutes.

Landscape photographer

This type of photographer uses an alternative skillset and toolset to most professionals in order take photographers in the environment. Your camera equipment may use different lenses and filters. Capturing a landscape is a hard skill to master as you are open to all sorts of variables you can't control, mainly the weather and the vastness of open space. It will allow you to see the world and take in other cultures so this is a great option if you can get it right.

Artistic photographer

This is the most creative of all the job areas in which you could pursue. It takes an artistic mind to shoot interesting images of people from different angles with different lighting and styles. You maybe commissioned by top publications to come up with original artwork in the form of photography.

Sports photographer

Using fast shutter speeds and zoom lenses is a skill that also takes time to get the best out of you and your equipment. Plus you only have one chance to capture the moment as it happens. If you love sport, this could be an amazing job to pursue, but another competitive area.