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Why should I contribute to Arcistock?

Arcistock takes no commision from your sales, this means you earn 100% of every sale.*

As a photographer, you can be your own boss. You can control the content you wish to sell, set prices for each photograph and build your portfolio at your own pace.

Being a contributor to Arcistock means you can earn money from doing something you love. Our aim is to build a library of stunning images for content producers to enjoy and purchase. We are looking for all sorts of images - buildings, people, businesses, events, culture, sports, travel, nature, landscape, you name it. We are interested in all images, old and new. The quality needs to be good but we understand older photographs may not be perfect.

*We will be charging a £10 per month photographer subscription fee once your sales reach £500.

Exclusive or non-exclusive?

All our images are sold on a non-exclusive basis, meaning you can sell them elsewhere.

How do I sell images on Arcistock?

It’s a very simple process to get started and begin selling your images. First of all, you need to sign up as a contributor. It's free and takes less than a minute. Once you have activated your account, you can login and begin uploading images. There is an upload link in the contributors menu. This opens a form where you can drag and drop your image(s) and fill out the details. The more details you enter, the better chance your photograph has of being found on Arcistock and on Google. We will review your uploads and, if they are accepted, they will be live within minutes.

You can manage your uploads from within your account, amending any image details as required.

What are the submission requirements?

Above all, we are looking for photographs that reach a high standard. Choose photos that are unique and stand out as being interesting. Ensure they are sharp when viewed at 100%. Make sure they are in focus and have the best tonal range by making adjustments to levels, curves, or brightness/contrast. Don't convert your image to black and white as customers prefer the full choice that a colour image gives. You must remove any logos and trademarks. Don't add any text or watermarks to your image.

Allowed file types:
jpg, jpeg, png, gif

Maximum file size:
20MB (no minimum file size)

Minimum resolution:
300 DPI (no maximum resolution)

Do I need a property release form?

If you intend to sell images containing recognizable places, buildings, or other property, including artwork and product names, you may be required to fill out a property release form when you submit content to Arcistock. Read more about this topic.

Download a property release form so you can send the release to the property owner to sign and send back.

Do I need a model release form?

If you intend to sell images containing a model you have photographed in a photo shoot, you may be required to fill out a model release form when you submit content to Arcistock. If you need a model release form, please request one by emailing us:

Do I still own my images?

Yes, absolutely. You retain the copyright to all your photographs. You just allow Arcistock to earn a commission of only 30% for each image sold. The rest goes to you.

How do I get paid?

Our site recommends that you create a free Stripe account, a well established free and easy to use payment gateway. This allows you to immediately receive any sales you get, straight into your account. Setting up and connecting to Stripe is simple and can be completed from within your Arcistock contributors account pages.

How do I connect to Stripe?

You can connect to Stripe by logging in to your account and going to the account/profile settings. From here, scroll down to the bottom and press the big 'connect to Stripe' button.

See below for clues on how to fill out the Stripe form:

Stripe Help