Bring images back to life with Photoshop

Published 8 Oct, 2018

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Bring images back to life with Photoshop

There's a basket full of tools available to use in Photoshop that can help you bring photos back to life. Below we outline a few very useful ones and we apply them to this original image:

photo of Coventry Cathedral



Adjusting levels of your image is all about changing the amount of light your image displays across different frequencies. You cab make levels changes by going to the Image menu and selecting Adjustments followed by Levels. The screenshot below indicates the input levels of your image.

screenshot of the levels popup window

The best way to improve your image here is to look at the data and see where the peaks and troughs are in the graph. It's a good idea to position the three pointers at the bottom of the graph so that they cover the most amount of data in the least amount of overall graph width.

another screenshot of the levels popup window


Here you can see how simply changing the levels has made a hige difference already:

photo of Coventry Cathedral



This is a well known setting that all photographers will use to affect to the overall lightness or darkness of the image and the difference in brightness between objects or regions. It's available throuh Image - Adjustments - Brightness/Contrast

screenshot of the Brightness/Contrast popup window


This setting has brought the main focus of the image to the forefront even more (not that it wasn't already in this image!), by adjusting the difference between the foreground and the background.

photo of Coventry Cathedral



The best way to bring out colours in an image is to use the vibrance setting. Here there are two scales to change, the first being vibrance, a setting that promises to bring the image to life on its own, enhancing the natural colours found in the image. The second is saturation, or how exxagerated you want the vibrance to be. Also available through the Image - Adjustments menu.

screenshot of the vibrance popup window


The colours have definitely come out more once vibrancy has been applied:

photo of Coventry Cathedral


Photo filter

This is another easy way to make your image look better and give it an authentic feel. There are several filters to choose from but the one that works best in most cases is the warming filter. Set it to between 60 - 70 percent for best results.

screenshot of the photo-filter popup window


Finally, the warm filter has had its desired affect, changing some of the more garish greens to more subtler versions:

photo of Coventry Cathedral